Let me ask you a quick question? If you needed a brand new protective case for your iPhone X  in order to protect the investment you made…

Which One Would You Choose?

Choose iPhone 1
Choose iPhone 2

If you needed a new laptop…

Which One Would You Choose?

Choose HP Laptop 1
Choose HP Laptop 2

Did you choose the products with higher star ratings even if they were higher priced?

Now I’m Sure You Would Agree That Most Of Your Potential Customers Probably Choose Things The Same Way, Right?

If you said YES… if someone had to choose an emergency plumber…

Which One Do You Really Think They Would They Choose?

Choose Plumber With The Best Ratings

Even though James Plumbing Co has the top spot in the local listings, I’m willing to bet you quickly looked past it because of the 3 stars

It doesn’t matter if you’re first when your competitors can present a product that’s perceived to be better. The only real choice is between number two and three on the list.

In almost all cases, 4.7 stars and 5 stars beats 3 stars in the minds of potential customers. Whether people want to admit it or not, they just can’t force themselves to choose a local business with a low rating over competitive businesses that are rated higher. It’s just human nature.

Positive Online Ratings
Positive Online Ratings

Be The Quarterback

When it comes to managing your business’ online reputation, you must be proactive. Think of it like a football game, it’s better to be on offense.

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

If 85% of the people walking into your business were coming in as if they were referred by their relatives, do you think that would make it easier for them to buy from you or harder? Do you think having more referrals from positive reviews helps you make more money or less money?

How do we do it? How do we get people to give you online reviews that sway the public and create more trust for your business resulting in more sales more often?

Be The Quarterback

We Created A Special Custom Document That Gets You Reviews From Happy Customers! Your Document Is Also Connected To A Custom Review Page For Your Business

This review page allows you to get a second chance with unhappy customers.

Why This Works…

Your custom review page encourages people to engage with your business. Anyone wanting to leave 3 stars or below is prompted with a contact form to reach you with their complaints. Most people who are not 100% happy with your services aren’t out to hurt you or your business. It’s just that many times they’re not given an outlet to vent their frustration with your company privately so they do so publicly on review sites. They’re complaining for a reason. Find out why and address it. It’s important to note that these unhappy people are NOT prevented from leaving a negative review. They can do so if they choose to.

This doesn’t help you “game the system”. It allows you to find out what your customers don’t like about your business but ordinarily wouldn’t tell you. Normally you’d only find out AFTER they post something negative publicly. At that point you can still fix what they were complaining about, but a good amount of damage has been done to your reputation by then. Being able to address their concerns helps you build a stronger and more profitable business.

We Help You Figure Out Why People Are Leaving Negative Reviews So You Can Fix Those Issues

One of the worst things you can do is ignore your customers. This system is designed to help you understand where you’re falling short in the eyes of your customers so you can fix any issues that make people unhappy with your service. In other words, it’s designed to help you build better relationships with your customers so they WANT to refer more business to you.

You’re still going to get some negative reviews because no one is perfect, however you don’t have to be at the mercy of bad reviews any more. You don’t have to just sit and hope someone who’s happy decides to tell everyone. You don’t have to be at the mercy of review sites and their power to negatively impact your business simply because not enough of your happy customers are out there telling people how much they loved their experiences with you.

Just Hand Your Custom Document Out To Your Paying Customers As They Leave Your Business & Use Their Feedback (Positive Or Negative) To Get Better

This document clearly states, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 & Step 4 to leaving a review. You’ll also get a link to your own review page where all people have to do is click 1-5 stars and get instructions. You don’t have to worry about learning what to do or how to teach your customers what to do. Just hand them the document and you’re done. The customer doesn’t have to figure anything out. Everything is right in front of them clearly laid out.

Google encourages business owners to invite their customers to leave reviews.

Get Reviews On Google

Google also encourages business owners to manage and actively respond to reviews. One of the reasons is because (from their perspective) it adds value to their platform by providing a way for customers to be heard by businesses and gives business owners a way to engage with their customers on neutral ground.

Manage And Respond To Reviews

Google also supports requesting reviews from your customers by creating links that lead them to their platform. We help you do this by giving you code for your email signatures, QR codes, code to put your custom review page on your own website, etc.

Create A Link For Customers To Leave Reviews

We provide you with several ways to do that in your emails, on your website and at your business location that all lead to an automated system that collects negative feedback for you to address directly with unhappy customers and also allows happy customers to share their experiences with potential customers who are thinking about spending money with you.

If You Are Not In Control Of Your Reputation, Someone Else Is! We’ll Provide You With Proof (Over Time) That Your Online Reputation Is Improving With Our Help.

Reputation Marketing Statistics

We’ll show you how to respond to negative reviews and in come cases get the people who posted them to take them down. Even if they don’t, once you have enough positive reviews coming in, your good to bad ratio will lean towards the good. Review sites in our opinion are a necessary evil but that doesn’t mean you have to be helpless.

Now, If You’re Willing To Start Today I’d Be Willing To Personally Help You Get At Least 10 New Real Reviews From Happy Customers In 30 Days Or Less!

You Get…

5 Star Reviews Custom Document

Premium Print Document
(Make as many copies as you like)

Plus You Get…

Custom Google & Yelp Review Page

Customer Review Page
(Exclusively for your business)

And You Get…

Free Google Review Poster
(Review by one of your customers)

This Is A HIGHLY PERSONALIZED Service So Please Allow A Few Hours For Setup And Delivery

Have multiple locations? More locations can be added later.


Generate More Positive Reviews For Your Services From Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions


Simple. We aren’t just giving you a custom review document and custom page to collect and sort through positive and negative feedback. Every single month we’re working to see how we can improve the first page people see on Google when they search for your business name.

This includes:

Ranking other properties for your business that highlight your best qualities.

Sending you update and progress reports to see where you stand, where you’re improving and where there’s still room to make more money.

Ideas on how you can muscle out the local competition.

And more…

This isn’t a “Thank you and good luck with that type of service”. The goal is to work with you to help you become a leader in your local market. The goal is to help you become the first business people think of when they need they type of product or service you sell. This service is the first step in that direction.


Let’s be honest. If you knew the ins and outs, dangers and pitfalls of making something like this work you already would have. The thing is, trying to set up a system like this on your own is a bit like building a sun dial to tell time instead of just buying a watch. There are a lot of moving parts underneath the surface (much like a watch) that you can’t see that makes this all work. What you’re paying for is a shortcut to your goals.


In a word, no. Yelp has a clearly defined policy about not asking cutsomers to give you a review on Yelp. In fact, if you do ask your customers for Yelp reviews, on of two things is going to happen…

1) Yelp Will Simply Hide The Review: They have an algorithm in place that will hide reviews from reviewers who aren’t actively posting reviews on Yelp or from reviewers who have minimal posts and no Yelp friends. In other words, you could get 100 Yelp reviews and have none of them show up and this is the best case scenario for your business. There are however ways to deal with this.

2) Yelp Could Slap A Consumer Alert On Your Listing: They will publicly shame you for their millions of viewers to see. This, more than negative reviews on Yelp can hurt your business. Below is just an example of one of their alerts. They have dozens of different ones.

At the end of the day, it’s just not worth it for your business to play around with Yelp by trying to do everything on your own. The cost of this system is nothing compared to the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you’re not running afoul of anyone’s rules.

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